Terms of Use

1. Definitions:

The following definitions shall apply throughout the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive website:

The Site means the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive or AGDA

NA means the National Archives of the UAE

The Content means any audio, video, text, images or other material made available on The Site by NA

User means any person or organization accessing The Site

Saved Sets means created folders containing bookmarks

Non-Commercial means without expectation of any monetary reward

OCR means elements of The Content that have been extracted by Optical Character Recognition

The Information means those elements of The Content where the copyright belongs wholly to NA and includes, but is not limited to, catalogue descriptions (in English and Arabic) and OCR data of the records and documents published on The Site

2. Access to The Site:

2.1 By using The Site, User accepts and agrees to be bound by the following Terms of Use.

2.2 User may access The Site with the following limitations:

2.2.1 genuine researchers, students and academics are free to download The Content to use for Non-Commercial personal or educational purposes

2.2.2 User is not permitted to post copies of the downloaded images on any form of Social Media

2.2.3 User is not permitted to take screenshots of The Content and is forbidden from reproducing, altering, distributing or transmitting The Content

2.2.4 As an exception to clause 2.2, User may use and re-use The Information free of charge in any format or medium provided it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context

3. Credit and Copyright

3.1 Please see the Copyright section of The Site where details regarding Copyright and third-party rights are incorporated into these Terms of Use

3.2 The Content licensed from The National Archives of the UK is credited © Crown Copyright Images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives of the UK.

3.3 The Information referred to in Clause 2.2.4 above should be credited © National Archives of the UAE

3.4 In all instances, User should refer to The Content as having been accessed from The Site

4. Saved Sets and Comments

4.1 User is able to save search results from The Content to ‘Saved Sets’ and to which available comments about their research and details may be added

4.2 User agrees that the NA will edit that research and/or comments before publication to The Site to ensure the veracity of the information and to ensure that the comments are suitable

4.3 User agrees that the information and/or comments are not those of the NA and that the NA takes no responsibility or liability for the information and/or comments

5. Abuse of the Site

5.1 Any User found to be violating or attempting to violate these Terms of Use may be stopped and/or prevented from further use of The Site. Violations may include but are not limited to:

5.1.1 Accessing details not intended for the User or logging into a server or an account that the User is not authorised to access, or

5.1.2 Attempting to conduct any test or survey for finding weakness of The Site or any system or network of NA or violating applicable procedures or documenting them without an official permit from NA, or

5.1.3 Attempting to interfere in the services provided on The Site by any User, host or network including but not limited to placing a virus on The Site, increasing load to or immersing it, sending commercial messages to it or avalanching it with electronic messages or destroying it in any manner, or

5.1.4 Sending unwanted electronic messages to The Site including commercials and/or advertisements on services or products or falsifying any dispatch control protocol package address/internet protocol or any part of the address details in any electronic message or sending news messages, or

5.1.5 Sending an e-mail, by or on The Site or on NA’ behalf, whether by referring to it or assuming the identity of its name, involving offense or libel of the NA or any person whomsoever, announcing any untrue news or information and ascribing it wrongly to The Site or to NA

5.2 Any User found to be violating or attempting to violate these Terms of Use may also be subject to civil and criminal liability and, in appropriate cases, will be vigorously prosecuted through the UAE Courts and/or the appropriate Courts of other jurisdictions

Users should visit this page from time to time to check for revised terms and conditions.