Commercial and economic relations between United Arab Emirates and UK

FCO 8/2363 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file concerns commercial and economic relations between the UK and the UAE. It contains memoranda and correspondence concerning:

  • Proposals for the construction of a power station in Abu Dhabi
  • The interest of the new National Bank for Industrial Development of Abu Dhabi in undertaking joint ventures in chemicals and consumer goods projects with Unilever and Imperial Chemicals Industries
  • The dispute between the Overseas Visitors Bureau of the Overseas Trade Board and H St J B Armitage concerning his proposals for a trade mission from Dubai to London
  • The use of Rolls-Royce engines for industrial purposes in the UAE
  • The problems caused to British contractors by delays at the ports at Abu Dhabi and Ras Tanura
  • The interest of Weir Westgarth Limited in establishing a consortium with Richard Costain Engineering Limited and Chemico to operate in the UAE
  • The question of securing the contract for the development of Abu Dhabi Airport by a British firm
  • The case of Ernest Ireland Construction Limited losing a contract to a German firm as a result of illegitimate practices
  • A cancelled meeting between UAE Minister of Finance Mohammad Bin Habroush Al Suwaidi and Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey in London to discuss future development proposals
  • The dispute between Morgan Grenfell and Company Limited and the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum concerning a loan; and their previous dispute concerning a loan for the Dubai National Cement Company
  • The question of agency arrangements for British Leyland Motor Corporation in the UAE
  • The provision of financial aid to Syria, Sudan, Guinea and other African countries by Abu Dhabi
  • The supply of luxury furniture and fine art to the Gulf
  • H St J B Armitage’s comments on the fortunes of the British motor manufacturing industry in the Gulf
  • H St J B Armitage’s concerns regarding communications between the Board of Trade and Industry and trade posts, and the failings of British export promotion
  • The question of the UAE funding the contract for a natural gas bottling plant in Syria
  • The question of establishing a UAE-wide technical standards bureau
  • Sheikh Rashid’s desire for an aluminium smelter in Dubai and the possibility of regional cooperation
  • The interest of the Ruler of Sharjah in attracting a British firm to undertake an agricultural development project at Dhaid
  • The interest of Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds in participating in the economic development of Abu Dhabi, possibly contracting with Sir William Halcrow & Partners
  • The construction of a plastic-piping plant in Abu Dhabi
  • Plans for a fertiliser plant in Sharjah, and suspicions regarding the involvement of Ibrahim Al Deeb, Halim Rahbani and the Vice President of the Habib Bank in Sharjah
  • The difficulties of the Export Credits Guarantee Department in undertaking accurate credit enquiries in the UAE
  • The difficulties faced by HMG officials in encouraging British exports to the UAE, particularly through the failure of British firms to pursue contracts promptly
  • The question of HMG renouncing Cementation Company as a favoured contractor for construction projects due to evidence of disorganisation and fragmentation within the company
  • The failings of the Board of Trade’s Outward Missions Scheme in the UAE
  • The problem of Japanese cars outcompeting British vehicles in the Gulf through superior air conditioning capacity
  • British investments in the UAE for the second half of 1974, and the outstanding payments of British firms