Military operations in central Oman

FO 1016/627 1958

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • A paper on the principles to be followed in interrogation of prisoners by E F Henderson
  • A report by the Trucial Oman Scouts of a rift between the Wali of Ibri and the oil company
  • A rumour about Saudi Arabian dhows smuggling weapons into Sur in eastern Oman
  • A rumour about a letter from Imam Ghalib Bin Ali Al Hina'i to Sheikh Saeed Bin Sultan Al Rahab instructing the latter to contribute men to an assault on Bayt Al Falaj and Azaiba
  • A series of clippings from Jaridat Al Manar, Baghdad on clashes in the Jebel Akhdar War
  • A meeting between Sheikh Mohammad Bin Ali Al Hikmani and Sultan Saeed Bin Taimur
  • The apparent cooperation and assistance rendered to Imam Ghalib by the people of Izki
  • The plans for air attacks involving Shackletons, Venoms and psychological warfare; and the disposition and arms allocated to forces participating in the assault on Jebel Akhdar; and the question raised by Brigadier E H Tinker on the role of the Muscat Armed Forces
  • The account given by the Wali of Awabi Sheikh Khalid Bin Nasir Al Ma'awali of the location of Ghalib, Taleb Bin Ali Al Hina'i and Sheikh Sulaiman Bin Himyar Al Nabhani
  • A series of historical letters exchanged between Major L B H Haworth, R Wingate, Major M E Rae, Sir F W Johnston and W R Hay with Sheikh Isa Bin Saleh Al Harithi and Mohammad Bin Abdulla Al Khalili on relations between Muscat and Oman, 1919-1957
  • A letter from George Littledale to William O'Brien Lindsay of Petroleum Development (Oman) Limited on Saudi Arabian collaboration with followers of the Imam of Oman
  • A series of four letters by Imam Ghalib, passed by Sultan Saeed to Major F C L Chauncy. The letters are addressed to Sheikh Khalid Bin Nasir, Sheikh Saif Bin Rashid Al Ma'awali, Sheikh Sa'ud Bin Khalif Al Ma'awali, people of Wadi Mistal, Sheikh Harith Bin Mohammad Al Hashmi and Sheikh Hamid Bin Harib Al Hashmi, dated 16 to 27 December 1957.