Air Agreement between UK and Bahrain: draft amendment and new Air Navigation Regulations; clearance of non-scheduled flights to Bahrain and Sharjah. Code GA file 60 (papers 41 to end)

FO 371/105654 1953

The file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Confirmation by International Aeradio Limited (IAL) of the new appointments in Sharjah (41)
  • Revised draft of the proposed new Bahrain Air Agreement, including Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA) and Air Ministry amendments (42)
  • Notices to Airmen No. 2 relating to landing, housing and parking fees, which were introduced on 8 August 1951 and which are in force for Bahrain and Sharjah aerodromes (42a)
  • Itinerary for the flight of Mr K R Collins M.I.N, A.R. Ae. S, an Operations Officer of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA) (43)
  • Bahrain Air Agreement. It includes a list of points arising from the Political Agent at Bahrain's approach to the Ruler, Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa; points raised by the Ruler on the draft agreement, and comments on these points by MCA (44-45)
  • Growing importance of Bahrain as an airport and the necessity for large fuel storage tanks (46)
  • B A B Burrows's request for Sultan Saeed Bin Taimur to be informed of the proposed establishment of a regular Sharjah-Muscat service by Gulf Aviation Company, and the possibility of an extension of Aden Airways to Salalah (47)
  • Confirmation that the Ruler of Bahrain is to sign the Anglo Bahrain Air Agreement for 20 years, subject to minor amendments, but is unwilling to hand over to HMG a large leased area in the centre of the airfield (48)
  • Report on a decree issued by the Ruler of Bahrain on the 13 October, applying the revised Air Navigation Regulations. It includes draft Queen's Regulations (49)
  • Details of the current practice regarding customs, passports and health authorities relating to the Bahrain Air Agreement (50)
  • Discussions with the Ruler on new buildings and the financing of the extension of the Bahrain Aerodrome (51)
  • Discussions on the mode of address to be used for the Minister for External Affairs relating to the proposed exchange of notes to Sharjah (52)
  • Confirmation that the new runway for the Bahrain airfield will cut across the garden of a relation of the Ruler, which includes a drainage ditch (53)
  • Approach lighting system at Muharraq airfield and confirmation that the Political Agent is drafting letters on the subject for exchange between himself and the Ruler (54)
  • Gulf Aviation Company's service to Muscat. It includes a letter to British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) giving a detailed report from Mr Champniss at Bahrain, after his special visit to Muscat (55)
  • Confirmation that the Chief Engineer from Habbaniya [Habbaniyah] is to start work as soon as he receives confirmation that the question of the land has been settled (56)
  • Gulf Aviation's proposed service to Muscat. It includes a report from Mr Champniss in Bahrain on the Muscat airfield (57)
  • Questions raised on the Bahrain Air Agreement by Sir George Cribbett in connection with the preamble to Article 4 (58)