Negotiations between Saudi Arabia and UK over frontier between Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in Buraimi

FO 371/120583 1956

This file relates to the Anglo-Saudi dispute over Buraimi. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Press cutting from The Times on the Washington conference's failure to remedy Britain's differences with Saudi Arabia (151)
  • Two packages of documents [not enclosed] related to the Le Quesne dossier sent to the Foreign Office (152)
  • US and the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) advice to King Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud that he delay submitting the dispute to the UN Security Council while the prospect of direct talks is still open (153-154)
  • British efforts to secure Iran's support at the UN (155)
  • Six documents [Arabic originals and translated copies enclosed], from those captured in Buraimi, shedding light on Saudi activities in the far south of the Arabian Peninsula. Correspondents include: Saeed Bin Rashid Al Baluchi; Abdulla Bin Nami; Amir Saud Bin Abdulla Bin Jiluwi; Hamad Bin 'Aks Al Harusi (156)
  • British use of the captured Buraimi documents [Arabic originals and translated copies enclosed] in connection with the replacement of Sheikh Obaid Bin Juma by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Salem as paramount Sheikh of the Bani Ka'ab (157)
  • Prospect of direct Anglo-Saudi talks and a Saudi appeal to the Security Council. It also discusses proof of Abdulla Bin Nami's handwriting and encloses a document written by him about Abdulla Quraishi (158)
  • Abdulla Bin Nami's diary [original enclosed] (159)
  • US support for the opening of Anglo-Saudi talks (160)
  • Address given by Azzam Pasha to the Cooperative Forum in Washington (161)
  • Britain's intention to remind President Dwight D Eisenhower of his views on Guatemala when Buraimi is discussed (162)
  • Propaganda from the Saudi legation in Turkey (163)
  • Question of how Britain should refer to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman at the Security Council (164)
  • Dubai Political Agent's request for copies of the British and Saudi memorials (165)
  • Brief on 'American Views on Buraimi and Oman', for C A E Shuckburgh's talks with the US (166)
  • Saudi reply to Britain's offer of direct talks (167)
  • Report in Al Ahram about the whereabouts and activities of the Imam of Oman Ghalib Al Hina'i and his close associates: Sheikh Atfish, Talib Bin Hina'i, and Sheikh Saleh Bin Isa Al Harthi (168)
  • Meeting between King Saud and US Ambassador George E Wadsworth (169-170)
  • Professor Joseph Schacht's views on zakat (171)
  • Efforts to establish direct Anglo-Saudi talks and Britain's desire not to involve Sheikh Yusef Yasin (172)
  • Potentially missing documents from the tribunal (173)
  • Question of whether Britain should say in advance of Anglo-Saudi talks that it is willing to discuss Buraimi (174)