Air force of Muscat. Code BA file 1223 (papers 6 to 21)

FO 371/140189 1959

This file relates to the establishment of the Sultan of Oman's Air Force in 1959. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Discussion of maintenance contracts with Gulf Aviation Company Limited and Airwork Services Limited, including the suggestion that contractors will get free utilities, vehicles and fuel (6, 9)
  • Construction of a hangar with Charles Kendall & Partners to put it out to tender (7)
  • Contractors for buildings with Ahmad Mohammad Juman from Bahrain put forward by Gray Mackenzie & Company Limited (8)
  • Costs of maintenance contracts (10)
  • Meeting between the Air Ministry, Foreign Office and Military Secretary of the Sultan of Muscat and Oman P R M Waterfield on 28 January 1959 about building and maintenance contracts (11)
  • Action required to get the air force operational from Bait Al Falaj by April; confirmation that Airwork has been granted the servicing contract, including costs; and the Air Ministry's proposal to instruct the Commander of British Forces in the Persian Gulf to put the first single engine Pioneer into action on Jebel Akhdar as soon as possible (12-14, 16-19)
  • Difficulties facing Gray Mackenzie & Company in shipping and receiving equipment because of prohibitions imposed by the Sultan (15)
  • Question of accommodation for Airwork personnel (20-21)