Oil production in Abu Dhabi

FCO 8/1538 1970 Jan 01-1970 Dec 31

This file relates to oil production in Abu Dhabi. It contains agreements, press cuttings and correspondence on:

  • Original full text of an oil concession agreement for Pan Ocean Oil Corporation, in Arabic and English, signed by the Ruler of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and for the company by Angus Mackenzie and Peter Banker; and Pan Ocean's collaboration with Syracuse Oil Limited and Wington Enterprises Limited
  • Completion of a well in the Mubarraz offshore field by the Japanese Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOCO); data for the company’s four wells
  • Assignation of rights in the Bunduq Field to Bunduq Company Limited by Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited (ADMA); an agreement reached in 1969 between Qatar and Abu Dhabi; a collaboration between BP and a Japanese consortium led by Seigen Tanaka
  • Oil concession deal signed between Sheikh Zayed and the Middle East Oil Company of Japan
  • Extent of reserves in Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited’s (ADPC's) Zarrarah, Shah and Asab fields
  • Rights acquired by ADMA in relation to Sir Abu Nu’ayr
  • Amortization agreements between Sheikh Zayed and ADPC and ADMA
  • Possibility of building a refinery in Abu Dhabi, and BP’s doubts about its viability; the advice of the Export Credits Guarantee Department to Humphreys and Glasgow Limited; and the interest of Reginald Maudling MP
  • BP’s negotiations with Deminex and West Germany’s fuel security concerns
  • Maps of Abu Dhabi’s offshore oilfields
  • Estimates of Abu Dhabi’s oil revenues
  • Saudi Arabia's efforts to get Abu Dhabi to join the Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC)
  • Visit to the UK by Mana Saeed Al Otaiba