Discussions between UK and France on Persian Gulf

FCO 8/1949 1973 Jan 01 - 1973 Dec 31

This file contains briefing notes for, and records of Anglo-French talks on the Middle East held on 12 January and 7 May 1973. Attendees include A D Parsons, A J M Craig, P R H Wright, R W Renwick, D A Gore-Booth, J R Young, Monsieur de Comines, Monsieur Rouillon, Monsieur Genet, and Monsieur Lafon. Issues covered include:

  • The Arab-Israeli conflict
  • The UN Security Council
  • Europe and the Middle East
  • Arms supplies, including Mirage and Jaguar aircraft
  • Aid to Palestinian refugees
  • Libyan passports and Anglo-Libyan relations
  • Morocco and Algeria
  • The Gulf
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The two Yemens
  • Iran and the UAE
  • The Abu Dhabi-Saudi Arabia border dispute
  • The internal situation in Oman
  • Anglo-Syrian relations.

This file also contains notes for a meeting between Prime Minister Edward Heath and President Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou on 21-22 May.