Diplomatic representation of Oman in UK

FCO 8/2027 1973 Jan 01 - 1973 Dec 31

This file contains the diplomatic representation of Oman in the UK in the period January 1973 to January 1974. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • The relinquishment by Sayyed Shabib Bin Taimur Al Said of his position as Oman's Chargé d'Affaires in London as of 1 February 1973 and his replacement by Nasir Saif Al Buali
  • A biographical note on Buali's education and professional experience in Zanzibar and Oman
  • The Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home's acceptance of the new Charge d'Affaires
  • The appointments of Al Buali for courtesy calls at the Foreign Office with D A Greenhill, Lord Balniel [Robert Alexander Lindsay], A D Parsons, P R H Wright and Douglas-Home
  • The promotion of Nazar Mohammad Ali from Third to Second Secretary, 1 January 1973
  • A meeting between Lord Balniel and the All-Party Friendship Group with the Gulf States, attended by David Crouch, Andrew Faulds, David Watkin, A J Coles and A D Harris; a suggestion from D E Tatham that Lord Balniel mention the All-Party Friendship Group to Al Buali; and a note on Anglo-Omani relations with points concerning the historical background, the reign of Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed Al Said, British financial assistance to the Sultanate, the secondment of British officers to the Sultan's Armed Forces, and military cooperation with Oman
  • A conversation between Ambassador D F Hawley and Sultan Qaboos about Al Buali and his designation as Ambassador rather than Charge d'Affaires, and Mrs Buali's political activism
  • A request for the promotion of Al Buali to Ambassador of the Sulatnate of Oman in London, and approval of the request from the Government of Oman by the Queen
  • The secondment of Dr Kamal Mohammad Hagras to the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The appointments of Al Buali for calls on the Foreign Secretary, C M Le Quesne and the Queen