Commercial and economic relations between Qatar and UK

FCO 8/2085 1972 Feb 15 - 1973 Dec 31

This file concerns commercial and economic relations between the UK and Qatar. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • An assessment of the figures for bilateral trade between the UK and Qatar during 1972
  • A copy of the Annual Review for Qatar in 1972, by HM Ambassador to Doha E F Henderson and printed in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Diplomatic Report 74/73
  • The Director-General of the Middle East Association R A Beaumont's proposal to include an item in the Association's Information Digest on opportunities for exports to the Gulf
  • The procurement and installation of gas or steam turbines for the power station at Wakrah
  • The dissociation of British Leyland Motor Company Limited from the Zayani Organisation
  • A tender by the Government of Qatar [conveyed by the Al Nasr Trading Organization] for 13,000 BTU air conditioners and the possibility of the contract being given to Prestair
  • The settlement of accounts between the Qatari Government and Tennant Trading Limited and the latter's pursuit of the claim through Frank O'Shanohun Associates (Overseas) Limited
  • The planned purchase of a 5000 ton general purpose cargo ship for operation and maintenance by the Minister of Trade and Commerce Sheikh Nasir Bin Khalid Al Thani
  • The promotion of trade between the UK and Qatar by planning a trade exhibition in Doha, supplemented with lists of consumer goods, and industrial machinery and moving equipment
  • The apparent withdrawal of credit cover to a local company linked to Ahmad Khalil Al Baker
  • The visit by the Minister of Information Sayyed Isa Bin Ghanim Al Kawari to the BBC, and the possibility of training Qataris for television in collaboration with staff from the BBC
  • The proposal for the new position of part-time archivist at the Commercial Section in Qatar
  • A dispatch by Henderson on 'British Policy towards Qatar as a Source of Crude Oil', 11 June 1973, printed in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Diplomatic Report 328/73, covering Qatar's strong policy against subversion, the Amir's moderation within the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the presence of expatriate Arab officials, the difficulties of Cable and Wireless Company Limited, the possible withdrawal of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) from Gulf Air and policy recommendations
  • The consideration of a list of books as possible gifts from HMG to Qatar National Museum
  • Potential proposals for the visit of Lord Balniel [Robert Alexander Lindsay] to the Gulf