Commercial and economic relations between United Arab Emirates and UK

FCO 8/2362 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file concerns commercial and economic relations between the UK and the UAE. It contains memoranda and correspondence concerning:

  • Proposals for the construction of power stations in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • The proposed construction of an apartment complex in Sharjah
  • The ongoing rivalry between Sir William Halcrow & Partners and Richard Costain Limited
  • British firms incorporating Arab contractors in construction projects in the Gulf
  • The training of Arab workers for the undertaking of construction projects
  • The complaints of Brian Colquhoun and Partners regarding the company’s loss of contract for sewerage developments arising from the lack of support from HM Embassy in Abu Dhabi
  • The question of developing cattle farming in the UAE
  • Proposed trade missions to Dubai for the year 1975-6
  • The debate amongst HMG officials concerning the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI's) policy regarding trade missions, and the question of overhauling the system of official trade missions to keep pace with expanding and diversifying markets in the Gulf States
  • HM Ambassador to the UAE D J McCarthy’s concerns regarding the effects of foreign income provisions of the new Finance Act upon the export of British expertise to the Gulf
  • The dispute between Taylor Woodrow and Consulting Engineering Services (India) Private Limited concerning unfair practices in the bidding for the contract for a warehouse complex in Dubai
  • The interest of solicitors Simmons and Simmons in opening an office in the UAE
  • The possibility of a loan by the Abu Dhabi and British governments to Guyana to develop a sugar plantation
  • St John Armitage’s concerns regarding communications between the DTI and trade posts
  • The question of establishing a poultry industry in Ajman
  • The construction of steel stockholding units in Dubai
  • Proposals for the construction of desalination plants with British desalination technology
  • Proposals for the establishment of a joint venture telecommunications company to serve the UAE and Qatar
  • The question of undertaking comprehensive industrial consultations in the UAE
  • Proposals for the establishment of a bank branch of Robert Fleming and Company in Abu Dhabi
  • The question of constructing an aluminium smelting complex in Abu Dhabi
  • The appointment of David Miller as an assistant to the Abu Dhabi Director of Finance J H Butter
  • The dispute between Morgan Grenfell and Company Limited and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum for a loan for the construction of a proposed Trade Exhibition Centre in Dubai
  • Proposals for the construction of a hotel in Ajman, and the unlikelihood of the venture being successful
  • H St J B Armitage’s criticism of the administrative burden caused by the undertaking of renewal reports and credit enquiries
  • The question of holding a computer seminar in Beirut
  • Proposals for the construction of vinyl chloride and cement plants
  • The record of a meeting at the United Arab Emirates Currency Board concerning the financial machinery of the UAE
  • The interest of shipbuilding firm A & P-Appledore International Limited in Abu Dhabi
  • The interest of the National Bank for Investment and Development in attracting British firms to Abu Dhabi
  • The record of the conversation between Mr Butter and R Barratt of H M Treasury concerning the investment of surplus funds
  • The interest of Anthony Gibb Pensions Services in selling pensions schemes to the government of the UAE
  • The question of agency arrangements for British Leyland Motor Corporation in the UAE
  • The question of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company procuring its own fleet of oil tankers
  • The dispute between the Overseas Visitors Bureau of the Overseas Trade Board and H St J B Armitage concerning his proposals for a trade mission from Dubai to London