Abu Dhabi Defence Force

FCO 8/2365 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file concerns the Abu Dhabi Defence Force (ADDF). It contains correspondence and memoranda concerning:

  • Proposals for the construction of a military airfield complex in Abu Dhabi
  • The political embargo placed upon Major E R L Jones’ secondment to the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF)
  • The termination of the contract held by Airwork Services Limited for the servicing of aircraft in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and the replacement of Airwork by the Pakistan Air Force; and the question of Airwork contractors remaining as employees of the Pakistanis
  • The request by the ADDF for the secondment of a British workshops officer for the new Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • The ADDF’s policy towards employing British personnel
  • The question of jurisdiction over British officers seconded to the UAE; their role in the event of an attack on the UAE, and possible consequences to UK-UAE relations
  • The promotion of Colonel R Pope to Brigadier and his appointment as Commander of the Abu Dhabi Land Force (ADLF); Pope’s unwillingness to extend his secondment, and the need to find a replacement
  • The payment to the Ministry of Defence for the sums paid to Colonel Pope by the Middle East Centre for Arab Studies in Lebanon
  • Issues of procurement and payment within the ADDF
  • The secondment of the ADDF's Desert Intelligence Officer Captain G P Gowlett, and other officers to the SAF; consideration of the implications of such secondments
  • The suspicions of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan that ex-ADDF intelligence officer Major Brown is now working with the Popular Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG) in Dhofar
  • The prospect of Lieutenant-Colonel Stevenson handing over the command of his regiment to an Abu Dhabian officer
  • Briefing notes concerning the position of seconded officers in the ADDF and the Union Defence Force (UDF)
  • The question of finding a replacement for Major M Cottrill of the ADLF, and the subsequent question of the continued provision of British officers for the ADLF
  • The promotion of Lieutenant-Colonel Barclay and Major Temple, seconded to the UDF, and the need to replace Barclay
  • The meeting between Pope and HM Ambassador to the UAE D J McCarthy concerning the role of the ADDF and McCarthy’s view of the ADDF serving to intimidate the other Rulers of the UAE