Commercial and economic relations between governments of Saudi Arabia and UK

FCO 8/2581 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31

This file concerns commercial and economic relations between the UK and Saudi Arabia. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • The establishment of an Anglo-Saudi Joint Commission to facilitate the supervision of projects under the proposed economic cooperation agreement
  • The Twelfth Meeting of the Middle East Steering Group in July 1975, with comparative figures on UK export performance in the Middle East; a memorandum of understanding and credit with Syria; and an annex on projects planned in the Middle East
  • The meetings between representatives of the UK Urban Development Service and Saudi officials; and the possibility of assistance from the Urban Development Service to the Saudi housing development programme
  • A profile of the US Embassy liaison officer with the US-Saudi Joint Commission Shirl MacArthur, and options for the creation of a British equivalent
  • A meeting to discuss possible Anglo-Saudi Joint Commission projects including pipelines, regional development, joint ventures and vocational training
  • The recruitment of British personnel for the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)
  • The plans for the first meeting of the Anglo-Saudi Joint Commission in London in November 1975
  • An Aide Memoire to Saudi authorities about potential Anglo-Saudi economic cooperation
  • The Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) as a potential market for UK visible and invisible exports
  • The Thirteenth Meeting of the Middle East Steering Group in September 1975, covering progress in Saudi Arabia, Syria and the YAR
  • The visit of Prince Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud to London and the possibility of signing a more prestigious document to give greater impetus and publicity to the previously agreed Minute