Visits by Douglas Hurd, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, to Saudi Arabia, Yemen Arab Republic and Kuwait; briefs

FCO 8/3456 1980 Jan 01 - 1980 Dec 31

This file concerns a visit to the Gulf by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Douglas Hurd. It contains four briefing folders - for Saudi Arabia, the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR), Kuwait, and one marked 'general briefs' - which refer to:

  • Itineraries
  • The Saudi economy, trade and joint ventures; consular matters, including the death of UK national Helen Smith; concorde overflights in Saudi airspace; and Saudi policy towards Yemen
  • Saudi-Egyptian relations; and a record of Lord Carrington’s [Peter Alexander Rupert Carington] talks with the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Bin Faisal Al Saud on 14 January 1980
  • A political assessment of Yemen; the seizure of a Yemeni aircraft in Britain; an unofficial trade embargo against UK goods; investment and trade; notes from a meeting on 22 November 1979 between the Trade Secretary John Nott and the Prime Minister of the YAR Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani; UK aid to YAR; the British Council; English language teaching in YAR; and events in Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and the influence of the Soviet Union
  • Kuwait’s economy; Kuwait-UK trade, industrial projects and technical cooperation; the activities of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development; the British Council in Kuwait; bilateral defence matters and aviation; the UK's diplomatic accommodation; BP, Shell and British National Oil Corporation (BNOC) activities in Kuwait
  • BP’s relations with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and YAR
  • World oil supply and price
  • The Arab Satellite Communications Organisation (ARABSAT) telecommunications project
  • Settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict and US policy
  • Security in the Straits of Hormuz
  • European Economic Community (EEC)-Gulf dialogue
  • The US hostages in Iran
  • Iranian relations with Iraq and other Arab states
  • Proposals for Afghanistan's neutrality, and Soviet, Indian and Pakistani policy