Relations between Oman and the UK

FCO 8/5503 1984 Jan 01 - 1984 Dec 31

This file concerns Britain’s relations with Oman and the region. It contains correspondence and memoranda relating to:

  • The formation of an All-Party British-Omani Parliamentary Group (APBOPG)
  • A dinner hosted by the APBOPG in honour of the new Omani Ambassador to London Hussein Mohammad Al Allawatia, a biographical note on Allawatia, and a message from the Minister of State Richard Luce, referring to Oman’s views on: relations with Syria and the situation in Lebanon; Egypt re-joining the Arab League; possible violation of Omani waters by Iranian minelayers
  • A conversation between Allawatia and Luce, including reference to the Falkland Islands issue
  • A proposed visit to Oman by Luce
  • A background brief on Oman, including reference to Oman’s foreign policy; and Oman’s internal economic situation
  • The activities of the State Consultative Council (SCC), including the role of the SCC’s President Khalfan Bin Nasser Al Wahaibi
  • The question of whether it is appropriate for the APBOPG to have informal links with the SCC
  • The British presence in Oman, and the question of whether HMG’s profile could be reduced without damaging its interests
  • A lecture by Francis Hughes on ‘Oman’s oil era and beyond’
  • The BBC’s wish to film in Oman for a BBC 2 'Defence Film', and Granada Television’s intention to broadcast a ‘World in Action’ programme hostile to Oman
  • A goodwill message from the Queen to the Sultan
  • The Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s luncheon with Brian Lees
  • A letter from the Omani Foreign Minister Yusif Bin Alawi Bin Abdulla to the Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe, regarding talks in Berne [Bern], Switzerland, between Britain and Argentina
  • The British role in the Sultan’s Armed Forces, and 'Omanisation'
  • Britain’s trade relations with Oman
  • Oman’s attitude towards the Iran-Iraq War
  • A conversation between R J Dalton and Major General John Watts, during which they discussed the deployment of mine counter-measure vessels to Egypt; Airwork Services Limited employees who were murdered by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman (PFLO) in 1978; and the assassination of Arthur Angell
  • Oman’s wish for HMG to increase the readiness of the UK mine counter-measures force against the possibility of trouble in the Straits of Hormuz
  • Oman's opposition to Saudi Arabia basing fighter aircraft in the UAE
  • Oman’s intention to purchase Tornado aircraft
  • Oman’s desire for HMG to assist with the construction and equipment of a secret emergency headquarters
  • Omani interests in nuclear power
  • A refusal by the Baluch [Baloch] Battalions to wear uniforms in a dispute over new pay scales.