Saudi Arabia-Bahrain Causeway

FCO 8/5821 1985 Jan 01 - 1985 Dec 31

This file relates to the construction of a causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Press reports, newspaper cuttings and broadcast summaries about various aspects of the project from various newspapers in the Gulf and internationally; and the increasing media profile of the project
  • Saudi and Bahraini thoughts about the causeway’s likely impact on commercial and social life on both sides of the strait
  • Report on the construction of the causeway by Saudi-Danish Consultants, including diagrams and maps of the causeway
  • British Embassy in Bahrain’s assessment of the possible effects of the causeway, particularly in tying Bahrain closer to Saudi Arabia economically and the seeming acceptance of this by the Bahraini Royal Family
  • Request by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for more frequent updates from the Embassy in Bahrain on the causeway
  • Provision by Overseas Exhibition Services Limited of a special edition of Gulf Extra on the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway
  • Newspaper cutting on a proposed second causeway linking Bahrain and Qatar
  • Report on the use and impact of the causeway, including: lists of technical specifications, maps of the infrastructure on the Bahraini and Saudi coasts and a copy of the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway Agreement
  • Possible date of the causeway’s completion, likely to be in 1986
  • Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Al Saud’s visit to inspect the causeway