Dubai off-shore oil concessions and harbour project: Abu Dhabi/Dubai sea boundaries

FCO 8/893 1967-1968

This file relates to Dubai offshore oil concessions and the funding for a deep water harbour. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • The financial agreement between the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Lloyds Bank Limited and the British Bank of the Middle East, backed by the Export Credits Guarantee Department, for Dubai's deep water harbour project being constructed by Richard Costain Limited
  • The difficulty in distinguishing when the Ruler is acting in his public capacity or as a private individual
  • Tenders from two US companies for construction of the offshore steel drilling platforms
  • Conflicting estimates of the Dubai oilfield's capacity
  • A map showing the Continental Oil Company Limited's concession boundary
  • The intention of Dubai Petroleum Company (DPC) to install three permanent drilling platforms at Fateh; and a map showing the site
  • DPC's plans to install a drill at an onshore site and its request to make a temporary aircraft landing strip at Remah
  • A discrepancy in the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border and its implications for oil concession limits; and a letter dated 13 May 1952 regarding the agreement between Superior Oil Company and Abu Dhabi
  • Sheikh Rashid's decision to transfer the proposed factory for constructing offshore oil platforms from the neighbourhood of the Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ahmad Bin Ali Al Thani's palace to a point across the creek between the Dubai power station and the bridge
  • Henry St John Basil Armitage's informal talk with former Director General of Iraq National Oil Company Ghanim Al Uqaily and his colleague Tariq Ihsan Shafiq
  • The drafting of the Dubai Income Tax Regulation, 1969
  • Continental's wish to start drilling near the island of Sirri now that French state oil company Enterprise de recherches et d'activitiés pétrolières (ERAP) have after previously delaying because of HMG's concern about a dispute with Iran
  • The impending construction of an underwater storage vessel for the Dubai offshore oilfield by the Chicago Bridge & Oil Company, including articles about this breakthrough technology and concern that it might be a hazard to shipping
  • A notice issued by the American-French construction consortium Ingram-ETPM setting out working conditions for locally engaged employees after a strike by workers.