Omani Liberation Army

FO 1016/574 1957

This file relates to the aftermath of the rebellion in Oman. It covers correspondence on:

  • The pursuit of the rebel leaders Ghalib Bin Ali Al Hina'i, Taleb Bin Ali Al Hina’i and Sheikh Sulaiman Bin Himyar Al Nabhani by HMG and the Sultan of Muscat and Oman’s forces; the use of RAF aircraft; operations at the villages of Saiq and Sharaigah; and the interest of the press in these operations
  • The desire of Life magazine to have a photographic interview with the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur and the latter’s reluctance
  • The potential for the Arab States to raise the question in the UN General Assembly and HMG’s consideration of how to block this, including enquiries into the views of Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia
  • Documents found in Al Nabhani’s home at Tanuf, including a handwritten Arabic copy and English translation of a memorandum discussing infringements of the Treaty of Sib [Treaty of Seeb] by the Sultanate and aggression by Britain; a related extract from a Residency newsletter of 18 April; English translations of a series of draft deeds and agreements by Al Nabhani as Ruler of Jebel Akhdar, including the names of Rashid Saeed, Nisar al Abdulla Qosi, Nadhani Hasni Anbitawi, Brawant I Drakjiyan and Krainak Joseph Malaikyan; and explanation of the documents by F C L Chauncy
  • An article by the War Office’s official photographer on the Oman operation for regimental magazines [not enclosed]
  • A report by Brigadier Robertson on the Oman operations
  • The importance of interrogating prisoners due to the lack of intelligence on the Oman Liberation Army
  • A paper entitled, ‘Egyptian and Saudi Responsibility for Subversion in Oman’ with appendices including translations of subversive pamphlets and propaganda broadcasts, and copies and translations of a document and letter relating to Ibrahim Bin Isa
  • The historical background, significance and present status of the Treaty of Seeb
  • Bahrain police photostats of a guerrilla pamphlet
  • The accusation from the Saudis that the Indians and Egyptians instigated the Oman rising
  • An account of the occupation of Nizwa by Dr S M Zakiuddin, recounted to the Muscati Minister of External Affairs
  • Reports from K R Coates on activities at Jebel Akhdar during 25-29 August and the Bani Kalban incident at Miskin; and a list of arms captured and recovered from Nizwa.