Air Agreement between UK and Bahrain: draft amendment and new Air Navigation Regulations; clearance of non-scheduled flights to Bahrain and Sharjah. Code GA file 60 (papers 24 to 40)

FO 371/105653 1953

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Procedures regarding the clearance of non-scheduled and private flights to or through Gulf territories (24, 29, 35, 37, 39)
  • UK-Bahrain Air Navigation Agreement and Regulations, including: the renewal of the agreement and the application of regulations to Commonwealth military aircraft; the amended draft agreement [enclosed]; the presentation of the agreement to the Ruler of Bahrain and tenders for the construction of the new runway; and the discovery that the Air Navigation Regulations agreed by the Ruler in the previous year were never given the force of law (25-26, 28, 30, 36)
  • Acquisition of additional land for the construction of a new runway in Bahrain, including the plan and details on the approach lighting system (31, 38, 40)
  • Appointment of an International Aeradio Limited employee and the Political Agent as 'authorised persons' for the Sharjah Air Navigation Regulations and copies of the general instructions [enclosed]; and the question of an authorised aerodrome (27, 32)
  • Unauthorised landing of a Scandinavian Airlines aircraft at Bahrain and the recommendation that Swedish authorities be requested to obtain prior permission in future (33)
  • Suggestion that the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company Limited meet the costs of the provision and installation of fuel storage tanks in Bahrain, while the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA) undertake the work as contractors (34)