Kuwait-Iraq Water and Irrigation Scheme

FO 371/109890 1954

This file relates to the Kuwait-Iraq Water and Irrigation Scheme. It contains:

  • Report on the political implications of the scheme and W F Crawford's (of the British Middle East Office) report of his visits to Kuwait and Baghdad (24)
  • Correspondence relating to objections raised by B A B Burrows about the scheme (25)
  • Letter from L T G Sully of the Air Ministry enclosing two prints of a drawing showing a plan of the intake site and the pipeline route (26)
  • Comments from Burrows relating to the production of A Gibbs's report on the scheme; the need to present the report to the Ruler of Kuwait at the earliest opportunity; comments concerning retaining negotiations with the Iraqi Government; and correspondence relating to the distribution of Gibbs's report (27, 28, 29-30, 31)
  • Negotiations with the Iraqi Government (38, 39, 41, 42, 44)
  • Negotiations with the Air Ministry regarding the provision of land for the scheme (32, 34, 43)
  • Funding of the irrigation scheme (33)
  • Organisation of the scheme (35-37, 45-47)