UK military operations in Muscat and Oman. Code BA file 1195 (papers 66 to 90)

FO 371/140170 1959

This file relates to the military situation in Muscat and Oman. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Brief for the War Office upon the return of the SAS regiment from Muscat and Oman and comment on the publicity of operations (66)
  • Report in the Daily Telegraph on the operations of the Trucial Oman Scouts (TOS) (67)
  • Publicity for the SAS role in Oman and that it is important to play up the part of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) to encourage volunteers (68)
  • Letter to P F de Zulueta stating that no official dispatch on the operations in Muscat and Oman is being prepared (70)
  • J Amery’s letter to D C Smiley on dining with him on 23 June 1959 (71)
  • Report from the Military Governor Colonel C Maxwell on the rehabilitation of the Jebel Akhdar (72)
  • Death of Major S G Merchant and the wounding of Captain F A Luckham in a mine incident at Azaiba in Muscat (73)
  • Report from the Head Quarters of the British Forces, Arabian Peninsula (HQBFAP) on mining incidents in Oman (74)
  • Conversation between A R Walmsley and Mr Burdett of the US Embassy on mines in Muscat and the mention that CONORADA Petroleum Company developed a means of clearing large areas of mines in Libya (75)
  • Discussion on rebel operations in Oman and the refusal of the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur to believe that his walis could be disloyal (76)
  • Discussion on the deteriorating situation in Oman, with W N Monteith to discuss suggestions of immediate military action with the Sultan; a report on Monteith’s meeting with the Sultan (77-78, 84)
  • Summary of the long term military proposals for Muscat and Oman, with subsequent comment (79)
  • Request for forewarning from the Commonwealth Relations Office of developments in Oman to forestall unfavourable reactions from Commonwealth Governments (80)
  • Possible future use of a motor dhow in cooperation with the Army in Muscat (83)
  • Report on various developments in the military situation in Oman including: the provision of a second dhow, the arrest of a suspect in the SAF, a mine explosion and the order of three Ferret armoured cars (85)
  • Report on mining incidents in Oman at Izki and Ibri (88)
  • Report on military incidents in Oman including a mine explosion near Nizwa and attacks on the SAF at Kamah and at Nizwa (89)
  • Meeting between the Sultan, Colonel Carter and Monteith to discuss the likelihood of another revolt (90)