Port improvements scheme in Dubai

FO 371/157047 1961

This file relates to a scheme to improve the port of Dubai. It contains:

  • Statements of account and statements for reimbursable expenses sent to the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum (1-2, 8-12)
  • H Ridehalgh of Sir William Halcrow & Partners' report 'Study of Conditions as existing on 13 February 1961', and related correspondence (3)
  • Correspondence relating to the repayment of a loan to the Ruler of Dubai from the Government of Kuwait (4, 6)
  • R W T Griffith's suggestion that further preliminary investigation be undertaken before any civil engineering works are contemplated. He quotes from H F Cornick's book Dock and Harbour Engineering (5)
  • Correspondence relating to preliminary investigations by Sir William Halcrow & Partners and the question of creating a model of the Dubai Harbour improvement scheme. It includes diagrams (7)
  • Correspondence relating to the problem of silting (10)