Commercial relations between UK and Persian Gulf sheikhdoms

FO 371/168649 1963

This file relates to commercial relations between the UK and the Gulf. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • London Chamber of Commerce trade mission to the Gulf. It includes an itinerary, newspaper cuttings, Political Agency reports on the visits to Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Buraimi, and Qatar, and the mission's own published report 'Trade Prospects in the Arabian Gulf' (1, 3-8, 12, 17)
  • G W Bell's planned visit to the Gulf on behalf of the Council for Middle East Trade (2, 18)
  • Opposition of the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Land Rover being represented in the Gulf by a Bahraini firm, A A Zayani & Sons. Rashid Zayani blames Major P G Lorimer (9, 13, 15)
  • Vickers demonstration tour of its hovercraft (10)
  • Suggestion to rename the 'Hints to Business Men' booklet to 'Hints to Businessmen visiting Kuwait and the Gulf States' (11)
  • Plans to hold a meeting of commercial officers in the Gulf, where the question of guidance about publications should be considered (14, 16, 19)
  • Visit by C E Loombe of the Bank of England to Bahrain and Kuwait (20)