Oil: Dubai land and offshore concessions

FO 371/174726 1964

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Decision of Continental Overseas Oil Company to request a postponement of the drilling operations from the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum (1)
  • Intention of Dubai Petroleum Company (DPC) to assign a minority stake in its land and offshore concessions in Dubai to Deutsche Erdöl Aktiengellschaft (DEA) of Hamburg and its formal request for permission (2, 8-9, 11)
  • Position of DPC's drilling operations in relation to both safe limits and boundary (3, 6)
  • Ratification of the offshore partnership between DPC and Dubai Marine Areas Limited (DUMA). It includes a letter from Sheikh Rashid to the Political Agent A J M Craig (4)
  • Proposed statement by Sheikh Rashid to DPC and DUMA on the territorial waters of Dubai (5, 10)
  • Concern of British Petroleum Company Limited (BP) about the limits of DUMA's offshore concession (7)
  • Minutes on 'The Dubai Land and Off-shore Concessions' and consideration by DPC of a further assignment of their concessions to Dubai Sun Oil Company (Dusun) (12)
  • Consent of the Ruler of Dubai and DUMA to DPC transferring its part interests in land and offshore concessions in Dubai to DEA and Dusun and the conditions set by HMG. It includes the Power of Attorney for four individuals to represent Dusun in the Sheikhdom of Dubai (13-15)
  • Difficulties with the political agreement between HMG and DUMA and HMG and DPC (16)
  • Relations between the Ruler of Sharjah's Egyptian secretary Gharib Abdul Salehin and John W Mecom (17)
  • Approaches by BP and Continental to drill outside the safe operating limits of Dubai (18-19)
  • Confidential memorandum by D J McCarthy on the 'Dubai Offshore Oil Concession'. It includes maps of DPC's 'Proposed Drilling Location Prospect A' and 'Operating Limits of the Dubai Off-Shore Area' (20)