Popular Front for Liberation of Oman (PFLO) p.172

FCO 8/2485 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31


17 Feb 75

the agent Qabus in opening the doors of Oman wide for the [realization] of
Shahanshahian ambitions, came about in implementation of the imperialist strategy in the

The announcement of the tripartite agreement between the USA, Britain and the agent
Qabus on the use of the island of Masirah as an important strategic position by American
forces is consistant with American threats to occupy the sources of oil and exposes
America's disgraceful imperialist intentions towards the region...)

We positively believe that Oman will not be the only country to be subjected to
this brazen aggression; other peoples of the region will not be safe from the evil of
imperialism in the future unless the progressive forces and the peoples of the region take a
revolutionary initiative to halt the aggression. Furthermore we regard any toleration of
the reactionary regime in Iran and Oman and any attitude serving their interests as a
(?violation) of the interests of the Arab people in Oman, the Iranian masses and all the
struggling peoples in the world... We express our absolute faith in the armed struggle
waged by our heroic people and the rest of the peoples of the region, and particularly the
heroic Palestinian people, against imperialism, Zionism and reaction...

[Signed] The Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman; the Fida'i Organization of the
Iranian People; the Organization of the Iranian People's Strugglers (Mujahidin), and
Organizations of the Iranian National Front.

PDRY Foreign Minister's Gulf Visit (ME/4828/i)
Tea 19.22

Aden home service 1500 gmt 15 Feb 75

Brother Muhammad Salih Muti, member of the Political Bureau of the Central

Committee of the political organization, the National Front, and Minister of Foreign
Affairs, has stated that his visits to Qatar and Bahrain were valuable and useful, both
regarding bilateral co-operation between Democratic Yemen and each of the two states
and on important issues in the life of the region of the Peninsula or the Arab Gulf, in the
light of the extension of the designs and colonialist and foreign cupidities for our area in
particular and for the Arab region in general.

On his return and that of the delegation accompanying him to the homeland this
morning [15th February] at the end of their five-day tour to certain states in the Arab
Gulf, the brother Foreign Minister said that his tour had enabled him to consult and
exchange ideas and views with senior officials in Qatar and Bahrain concerning the
political and economic challenges facing this region, which carried under its surface
tremendous wealth.

Brother Muti went on to say that he felt during the tour that there was a feeling
of anxiety about foreign intentions aiming at harming the security, stability and progress
of the Gulf and Peninsular region, and consequently there was the need to develop and
strengthen contacts for the progress and protection of the region of the Peninsula and the
Gulf against hostile foreign designs. Concluding his statement, brother Muti announced
that he would soon undertake a visit to the UAA to develop bilateral relations and
exchange ideas and views with officials there concerning the conditions of he region in
particular and the Arab and international situation in general.