Popular Front for Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG) p.11

FCO 8/2031 1973 Jan 01 - 1973 Dec 31

Brother Citizens,

In comitment by the People's Front for the Liberation of Orian
and the Arabian Gulf to the massive line and to crown the policy of
the Revolution of 9th June by the extension of the posentialities
of their revolution to the crushed masses who are oppressed by the
colonialists, reactionaries, traitors and hirelings, and believing
in the right of the masses to know every fact about their revolution
and their homeland and the necessity of exposing all plans of
Inperialism and Reaction which are woven against our homeland and
people and so that the information voice of the revolution is
heard by all passes in our dear honeland in order to face the
information and propaganda of the colonialists, reactionaries and
traitors the revolution was eager to consolidate the inforriation
corporations and to raise their standard so that the Voice of the
Revolution recches every houses and every village and town in our
beloved homeland.

Today we extend to the masses of our militant and brave people
who incurred hundreds of martyrs and injured on the path of their
just people's war and faced the British and ranian accression and
innunerated foreign interference in our homeland and continued their
people's wor throughout the past nine years, the news to these masses
and to be patriots of the People's Liberation Army and the Pople's
Militia on the opening by the revolution of its own radio (The
Voice of the Revolution Radio of the People's Front for the Liberation
of man and the rabian Gulf. Transmission started with effect
fron 3rd Novenber, 1973 fron 5.45 to 7.15 every evening (Aden tine).
The Aden office of the "eople's Front willcontinue to beans
its speciol programe from the R-dio of the People's Deriocratic
Republic of Lenen in -en os usual.

The People's Front for the Liberation of Orjan and the arabian
Wulf, while celebrating, such news to the nilitant and sterdfasting
masses, undertakes to continue the struggle at all political, military,
inforu: tion, and social levels to face all plans of inperialism and
rection and to escalate the just war against the enemies of the
people at all level until our people becomes tictories and ttheir
national and democratic objectives for establishing a national and
democratic regine on their territories de realised. I


the-dericanimperialism carried out a new accressive step
acainst our rab people in particular and against all freedor and
peace-loving peoples in general. It announced the despatch of its
Soventh Fleet to Indian Ocean contravening with and challenging by
that the hrab and world public opinions which call for consideration
of this area as an area of world security and peace. -t is to be
recalled th:t the command of the ferican Seventh Fleet is present
in Wahrain, which is used as an aggressive base against the rab nation
and against the peoples of the are neighbouring the Indian Ocean.

- Moreover, the nerican imperialists are using the base of Masirah
in the operations of fuel supplies and maintaineance and as an
agsressive base against our militant pecple.